Teaching With Literature and Technology

Why is it common knowledge that every single snowflake is unique? Who had the time to figure this out?

The fact lies in the historical story of “Snowflake Bentley.” Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931) was a man who loved snow and went on to extensively study and photograph snowflakes.

The story of his life is documented in “Snowflake Bentley” by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. This book combines biographical data with scientific information. The illustrations are spectacular and the book is a Caldecott winner.

His story is one of discovery, yet also perseverance. Imagine the work that goes into trying to capture a photograph of a snowflake. Then add to that the time era he was working in and the technology tools he had available.

After reading about Snowflake Bentley the fun continues. By visiting the website of the museum that honors him, the snowflakes that he photographed are available to view. One by one, the snowflakes can be viewed and the intricate details exposed. Snowflake Bentley’s dream was to be able to share his passion of snowflakes with the world. If he were alive today he’d be greatly impressed with the ability of everyone in the world to view his work through the internet.

Besides being able to view the snowflake photographs, the internet makes it possible for people today to create virtual snowflakes. Fold the paper, cut little chunks out, open to see what you’ve made, and then continue to cut some more. All of this can be accomplished without a single paper scrap on the floor! Students love to make virtual snowflakes all year round. It is one of their favorite websites to visit. Save some of the snowflakes and import them into your favorite software to add snowflake poetry or stories.

Snowflake Bentley is also an excellent example of how multiple genres can be mixed within one story. There are online resources that allow students to choose a topic and pieces of writing to create their own multi-genre page of writing.

The story of Snowflake Bentley (by Jacqueline Briggs Martin) is an excellent way to kick off any unit about snow, seasons, water cycle, or states of matter.

A Thorough Breakdown For BIOPRO Technology

What Is BIOPRO Technology About?

This is a company focusing on energy designs, utilizing the Bioenergetics field to enhance the overall quality of life for people around the world. Bioenergetics has to do with the energy field around your body, the Biofield. The Biofield is the general collection of energy that emanates throughout your body–through every cell, tissue, and organ–that enhances your overall energies. You can think of the Biofield then as a means of controlling the entire energetic systems in your body, very much like how your heart is in control of your circulatory system and your lungs are in command of your respiratory system. As such, the Biofield is an important factor for your health and wellness, particularly how fast your body ages as time passes. Electropollution is harmful to your Biofield, but it is unfortunately caused by many things that you see as necessities these days, like your laptop computer and mobile phone. If you’re anyone who’s glued to their mobile phone, then you’ll surely benefit from what BIOPRO Technology has to offer.

Products offered at BIOPRO Technology

The products in store for you generally deal with strengthening your Biofield. In the same way that cars stop when the traffic light is red, bodily processes shut down when electropollution is encountered since your Biofield is worn down. In addition to a boosted Biofield, products from BIOPRO Technology also work to reduce the effects of external stressors so your Biofield stays strong throughout the day. Categorized into three, products may belong to the groups Personal Environment Products, Body Worn Products, and one-of-a-kind Nutritional Regimen. Whatever group they belong to, products are backed by proprietary technology from BIOPRO. The BIOPRO cell chip is for use with your cellphone, PDAs, and Bluetooth gadgets, while the universal chip is for use with laptop computers and television sets. Since it is highly unlikely that you will stop using your electronic devices just because you know about your Biofield and electropollution now, getting a cell chip or universal chip from BIOPRO Technology will help counter the adverse effects you could be experiencing.

The BIOPRO Technology PayPlan

The compensation plan that the company follows is based upon sales of BIOPRO products to various consumers. In order to be eligible to participate in a PayPlan, personal and downline organization retail sales requirements must be met. Rebates, commissions, bonuses, and advancements are offered once all requirements are met. Should you choose to become part of the company, you can sell products from BIOPRO Technology at whatever price you wish. With the proper online mlm training, you will definitely be on the right track to network marketing success.

Why Nerds and Technology

Throughout my years of movie watching and electronics sales, I have noticed one trend that I find kind of amusing, and might help explain how we *cough* “know” who the Nerds are… Technology. Say what you will about Nerds, nerds and technology are almost interchangeable terms. Regardless of whatever else they are fans of, nerds LOVE their technology, and are often the first to embrace the newest technological advances.

People, (and by people, I mean in general and not in specific), foster a love/hate/fear relationship with technology. When we first get a new technological device, we love it. We love our cars, computers, cell phones, tablets, cameras, and all our gadgets and chirpy little doodads that go along with modern life. Once our device doesn’t work *exactly* as desired, we get angry. We fear life without them, and fear life with them. People often take out their frustrations on innocent pieces of electronic equipment. (I once threw my cell phone across a room when I was fighting with my then-boyfriend. The phone miraculously survived).

In the 1,000+ films I have watched in my life, a common theme arises. Even in some of the oldest films made, the “Fear of Technology” is a prevalent theme. In the first science fiction film, Metropolis (1927) a fem-bot destroys the city. In Modern Time s (1936) Charlie Chaplin, a factory worker, has a nervous breakdown because of his high-stress technological job. In a gamut of more recent films like the Terminator series, Transformers series, and I, Robot (2004) just to name a few, technology is a menace. Technology rises up against the fleshy creators (or mere humans) and destroys society.

Humanity in these films are also partially saved by technology. Terminator’s John Conner is repeatedly rescued by technology as it seeks to destroy him. The Deceptacons, usually military and non-automobile robots, cause massive amounts of destruction on Earth while we are saved by Optimus Prime (an 18 wheeler) and his Autobots (A variety of cars, trucks, and forms of Civilian transportation). This also shows a slight fear of military invasion, a worry that war has ruined our society.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons we fear technology is that technology removes our necessity in the workplace- people are replaced with machines, causing less people to be necessary to perform the same functions. What use do we have of real live babysitters when we can have a robot nanny? In I, Robot society has become adjusted and inured with the overabundance of robots: they do all the work we people don’t want to do for ourselves. Robots are constrained by rules to protect us, until they turn on humanity because V.I.K.I, the central ‘brain’ of the robots has determined humanity cannot take care of itself.

But what does this have to do with Nerds, You ask? Let me explain.

In films, and in real life, Nerds embrace technology and make it their own. Nerds are the first ones to take-on new technology like computers, the internet, ereaders. Cellphones are an exception, but mostly because of the expense of the earliest cellular phones.

In the Revenge of the Nerds films, nerds perform computer-based music. In Weird Science, nerds build a perfect woman (although she wreaks havoc, the Nerds were the ones with the know-how to do so) because of their inability to approach girls. They are not truly trying to replace women, but to learn how to talk to them. In Growing Pains the nerdy Carol Anne Seaver once dreams of getting a modem. On the TV series Chuck, the “Nerd Herd” works in computer repair. Hackers are really just a bunch of nerds using their superior nerd knowledge to ‘hack’ into governmental databases. While heroic in the film, the threat of hackers and people stealing our information off the internet is very real. Even Tony Stark Iron Man is a Nerd with Money: the comic book fan’s dream of being Rich with all the Tech and skill to build himself into a superhero role.

The men (and some of the women) in the Big Bang Theory are nerds They are also cutting-edge scientists, studying String Theory, space, theoretical physics, things that confuse many laypeople like Penny, the normal. But, the men created things like a zero-gravity toilet.

Nerds are often the ones to *embrace* technology because they create it. Real Life “nerds” Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have had a tremendous influence in everyday life. It is the nerd who has the skill, know-how, and intellect to create, to think forward, to come up with new ideas and answers to problems that present themselves to society.