galveston to houston shuttle

Myths about Public Transportation

galveston to houston shuttle

Taking a public bus, subway, shuttle, or another form of transportation has its ups and downs for many people. But many of the reasons people don’t take the local public transportation is because of myths and problem that can be disproven.

First, most people see transportation as expensive, especially while on a trip to a new location. Isn’t it just easier to make a one-time payment on a rental car? Well, with the car, you are paying for it even if you don’t go anywhere – plus, the cost of gas. So, while it might be a cheap short-term payment, in the long-term it isn’t worth it.

Whereas with public transportation, you can pay for things like the subway or a galveston to houston shuttle service when you need it. Then you won’t be paying for a two-week rental car you only drive twice. You’ll have more control over your money, and be able to see where it goes.

Plus, most shuttle services take less time than going to wait in line at a rental car place and can pick you up the moment you land. Then you are placed in the hands of a driver who knows the area and can get you where you need to go. Plus, you won’t have any unnecessary stops to pick up other people or drop them off.

The next myth on the chopping block is the myth of cramped and crowded rental cars. Most shuttles have good leg room, and even in places like buses and subways, there’s usually some good space between passengers. Some shuttles even have amenities for your enjoyment.

So whether you take a shuttle service or a train, public transportation is an alternative to renting a car to help you get around a new location.


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