oil change places near me

Oil & Change Both Good For You

oil change places near me

Compare apples and oranges. Just to elevate the importance of having regular oil changes done. Changing the oil in your car’s engine is like going to the pharmacist or drug store to pick up your vitamins and rheumatism relievers. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not quite. You still need to go to the doctor. At least once a year, they say. Going to the garage every other week is easier said than done.

How so? Well, just like you’ve got to eat every day, you’ve got to fill up your tank at least once a month. If you get that right, you’re probably driving pretty well. And maybe your car’s in good nick too. Oil’s probably changed as well, and how. Most guys, okay, that’s not fair, that’s not accurate, many folks may not be able to see how because it’s easy to have an oil change while you’re filling her up.

But is it as good as mine? Because of my business, I’ve no choice but to be driving around a lot. So, I did my research and now I’ve got sound and classic oil change places near me. And I might be a good driver and all – it’s experience you see, and just common decency and responsibility – but just don’t ask me what’s happening under the hood. That’s why it’s better to have the necessary oil change done by a competent and pro auto mechanic.

And maybe you’re in the same boat. Okay, not that, in the same car, I mean. But some guys have all the talent in the world. They even know how to maintain their own cars. Good and well. Just make sure you’re using the slickest oil in town.

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