Including Everyone in the Holiday Fun when A Birthday’s Close to Christmas

One challenge that is often overlooked during the holidays is giving the proper attention to the people who have birthdays or other significant dates that often get overshadowed by Christmas.  If you were born on Christmas day, or on one of the days immediately before or after, you might feel like an afterthought.  There are many ways families have learned to cope with this situation, and most kids grow up to be just fine, but for a few years, it can be really dicey.  The birth of a child at anytime of the year should be celebrated for the wonderful event that it is.  Some parents will wait until spring or summer to have a large birthday party, so the focus can be on the child and not the holiday.  It usually means more people can attend.  Others use Christmas to celebrate all family members born during that month.  But what do you do when both mother and child have birthdays near Christmas?

 That was the situation facing my siblings and I when my youngest sister announced she was pregnant last year during the summer.  We hadn’t figured everything out by the time we all gathered at home for the holidays, but since she was so close to delivering we decided to start with a rather wacky birthday party ala baby shower theme.  We searched Groupon and found discounts for lots of goodies at our local Buy Buy Baby store.  We created a treasure map, and hid clues all over the house for two days leading up to Christmas Eve.  She was due the first week in January, and her birthday is December 21st.   OnChristmas morning, she was really surprised to find a baby jogger under the tree.  It was just what she wanted and needed.   And when Joshua was born the next month, shopping Buy Buy Baby made it easy to send presents.

Now that a year has passed, we’re so excited to see little Joshua this year.  He’s already walking, and loves to ride in the jogger which she takes with her all over town.   We’ve made it a rule to buy for the kids at Christmas, and give gifts only on our individual birthdays now.  But we always refer to the wacky baby shower as the most fun we’d had in years.