Make New Things, and Steadily, to Keep the Business Face Ever-Changing

A lot has been written about changing it up. Businesses need to change their product line or change their overall tactics. If they do not, they risk becoming stagnant and stalling out on a one-hit-wonder idea. Think of many popular and long-lasting bands and musicians? Most, if not all of them, have attempted new things and changed their approach. They have evolved.

This is a creative example, but the same applies for business. The changes should be a little more evolved than a different coat of digital paint on a website (though that helps). It should be a seriously new and transparent approach to the brand. How can this manifest?

New Things!

Make new products and stick by them. The products don’t have to break the mold of the industry. A clothing line is really only ever “qualified” to make clothing, and that is fine. The products don’t have to break the conventions of the company, but they do need to offer something new. Brand leaders should know what matters to the customer, and deliver something that is related but still fresh. Few things are better than a customer who is caught off guard by a product they didn’t predict but makes total sense.

A Fresh Flow

The product may be the same. It could be a slow year for whatever reason. Regardless, the flow should be nice and steady. Seasonal releases are quite common in many industries. They will often unload product to make room for new product four times a year. A big push may occur in the spring to make room for a summer or fall expansion. The methods vary but the principle is the same. Fresh products at a steady pace will keep people coming back.

Redesign the Aesthetics

A customer comes to a website six times a year. Each time, it is the exact same. Maybe some new product here and there, but the aesthetics are unchanged. This becomes stale. Some new designs need to be added. Keep it familiar but make it fresh.

New products matter. The products should look a little different and offer something refreshing. Visit for a more in-depth review of many topics in business branding. Fresh change is only one piece to a very expansive puzzle.