What Consumers Should Know About Cheap Segways

Hoverboards offer a speedy and exciting form of transportation even if they are not the exact flying device science fiction experts imagined. A hands-free segway is a convenient option for commuters that want something easier to store than a bicycle or traditional seqway and faster than getting around on foot. Their introduction was followed by some concerns of overheating units but many of those problems have been resolved.

Why should someone buy a hoverboard?

The hands-free scooter is similar to skateboards, segways and scooters. This may lead some to wonder if it is worth the investment. It is not easy to pilot a hoverboard instantly. Once people learn the basics they then discover why so many prefer this option. A hoverboard is speedy, does not require continuous effort to propel and it lets the hands remain free during use. It is also much more affordable than touring bikes or traditional segways.

Are the boards safe?

There were two main concerns with hoverboards. The initial problem of potential injury is avoidable by wearing safety gear and staying off busy sidewalks or roads until comfortable with the board. The second issue involved reports of fires and explosions. After careful investigation the Consumer Safety Division determined that the lithium ion batteries in the scooters were to blame. Safety regulations now prevent this concern and all new boards must be compliant with regulations before they are imported or sold.

Are hoverboards affordable?

The price range of hands-free scooters varies depending on the brand name, size and features. There are elite, high-end hoverboards that sell for $1,000 or more and inexpensive options that sell for under $200. Cheap segways do not offer much less in range, speed or weight limit. It is important to make certain that any board purchased is UL 2272 certified for fire safety purposes. The risk of fire hazards with older machines does make it inadvisable for people to purchase a used model.

A hands-free segway is not appropriate for all ages or all riders. It requires effort and attention to operate safely. Some cities have strict regulations and do not allow their use on sidewalks or streets. In addition, many airlines ban them from their planes and storing them securely at work or school is sometimes difficult due to their weight and size.